Summit Pop Up Mug 220ml on Clip Strip

Pop Up Mug 220ml  on Clip Strip


Summit Pop Up Mug 220ml on Clip Strip

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This handy, easy to clean and compact mug pops up when you need it and is kept on a carabiner for convenience and further space saving. An ideal mug / cup.

Join the space-saver revolution with the innovative range of "POP,compact housewares.Perfect for use in your caravan, motor home, or when away camping where space is always a premium.Made from durable materials, the side panels simply compact into the base to reduce volume to an easily stored item. 


  • Pack Weight: 06.460 kgs
  • Pack Cube: 01.53 cu. ft; 00.0433 CBM
  • Pack Dimensions: 16.00 x 30.00 x 90.00 cm

Additional Information

  • Collapses for ultimate space saving
  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Soft feel silicone material
  • Carabiner to attach mug for easy transportation



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