Tepro Bucket BBQ Grill Arlington

Tepo Bucket Grill Arlington
Tepo Bucket Grill Arlington blue
Tepo Bucket Grill Arlington yellow
Tepo Bucket Grill Arlington green


Tepro Bucket BBQ Grill Arlington

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Grilling is a favorite summer pastime. And you don't need a garden or a balcony for a BBQ evening when you have a portable charcoal grill. The colorful bucket grill "Arlington" is perfect for on-the-go BBQ enthusiasts - it is handy and simple to use. With its bright finish in blue, yellow or green, the grill is an absolute eye-catcher. You can take the "Arlington" anywhere thanks to its light weight and convenient handle. Carry the charcoal you will need for your BBQ easily in the bucket grill. Unlike a normal bucket, the bucket grill has holes near the bottom. This facilitates proper air circulation necessary for the fuel to burn well. Crisp BBQ is a sure thing with these ingenious features. Since the fuel burns in an enclosed space inside the bucket grill, the "Arlington" can often be used at locations where grilling with normal grills - due to fire hazards - is not prohibited. All this makes the bucket grill perfect for camping, picnics or a daytrip to the lake.


  • grill surface: approx. 27 cm Ø
  • 1 chrome plated cooking grid
  • painted charcoal bowl
  • handle
  • 3 legs
  • holds up to max. 0.5 kg of charcoal

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