Vango CP100 - Insulated Fitted Carpet - Galli

Vango Galli  Carpet


Vango CP100 - Insulated Fitted Carpet - Galli

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Make your Galli Awning a home by adding warmth and comfort underfoot with a Vango Carpet. Fitted to specifically match your awning, this Vango carpet is an added luxury you wont want to be without.

CP100 | Also suitable for the following:

  • Galli Air TC Low
  • Galli CC Air Low
  • Galli CC Air Tall
  • Galli CC II Air Low
  • Galli CC II Air Mid
  • Galli CC II Air Tall
  • Galli II Low
  • Galli II RSV Low
  • Galli II RSV Tall
  • Galli II Tall
  • Galli III Air Low
  • Galli III Air RSV Low
  • Galli III Air Tall
  • Galli III Low
  • Galli III RSV Low
  • Galli III RSV Tall
  • Galli III TallGalli Low
  • Galli Pro Air Low
  • Galli Pro Air Mid
  • Galli Pro Air Tall
  • Rhone Low
  • Rhone Tall
  • Vacation Air Low


  • Standard colour - Neutral colourway to suit all
  • Corner branding - easy positioning and identification
  • Woven nylon top for durability
  • Foam mid-layer - improves insulation and comfort
  • PE base - allows a waterproof, non-slip base
  • Easy to clean - Can be brushed, vacuumed or cleaned with a damp cloth if required
  • Carry bag - Supplied with a handled carry bag

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