Vechline Ovalado Low Wattage Heater 800-1500W

Vechline Ovalado Low Wattage Heater 800-1500W


Vechline Ovalado Low Wattage Heater 800-1500W

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This OVALADO Heater 800-1500W is an efficient solution for any low-power heating problem. Its slim design makes it ideal for a variety of environments, from campgrounds to caravans, campers, awnings, and student bedrooms. Enjoy fast, consistent warmth in small spaces.

Key Features:

Low Power Consumption: This heater is energy-efficient, ensuring you stay warm without worrying about high electricity bills.

Multipurpose Heating: Ideal for campers, caravans, awnings, and small rooms, it's a versatile heating solution for various environments.

Quick Heating: Don't let the cold slow you down. The OVALADO Heater can swiftly warm up small spaces.

Safety First: Equipped with tip-over protection, it's reliable and safe to use. Plus, thermal protection prevents overheating.

Ventilation Position: Enjoy a blast of cold air when needed with the ventilation position, providing year-round utility.

Dual Heat Settings: Choose your comfort level with two heat settings:

Position I = Low Heat at 800W
Position II = High Heat at 1500W

Be prepared for any climate with the Vechline Ovalado Low Wattage Heater 800-1500W. Enjoy safe, reliable, and efficient heating in a small package. No matter your location, this heater is an ideal choice for comfort and convenience.

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