Self Inflating Mat

If you’re tired of having your camping trip ruined by sleeping on the cold, hard and sometimes damp floor, then our range of self inflating mats could be the answer to your prayers! At Newquay Camping we stock a number of camping essentials that will hopefully give you a great night sleep, and will make a huge difference to the quality of your camping trip. These sleeping mats are designed to stop the impact of the rough or cold ground you’re sleeping on, and to stop any moisture in the ground from seeping through into your sleeping bag so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Self inflating mats are also know as SIMS, which we stock in single Sims and double self inflating mats. Vango self inflating mats, Outwell Sims and Kampa now have  new luxurious range of sims out now which are as close as you can get to a mattress at home, the Vango Shangra La, Outwell Dreamboat and the Kampa Kip Highrise.

We have noticed in store over the last few years campers like to put as Sim on top of camp bed, so that you are not sleeping on the ground, which keeps you warmer, and its also a great way of making more space for storage. 

Check out the full range of self inflating mats below. Or if you want to try them out in person pop in store and see for your self. 


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