Outwell Universal Extensions (2019)

Outwell Universal Extensions (2019)
Outwell Universal Extensions (2019)
Outwell Universal Extensions (2019)


Outwell Universal Extensions (2019)

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Designed to fit all sizes of Outwell inflatable and poled tent models (except Encounter tents), Outwell Universal Extensions offer superbly engineered and carefully crafted solutions for campers seeking extra versatile space for relaxing, eating and storage. Overlapping the main tent with an elasticated seal for a snug, secure fit, twin steel poles and sturdy webbing guarantee stability whilst the large windows and open front offer a light-filled, airy feel.

Quickly and easily pitched with clips plus ring and pin, both side walls can be opened and rolled away to create a generous canopy on hot summer days. Leaving one side down creates a huge sheltered verandah ideal for al fresco dining. Adjustable webbing means tension and shape can be fine-tuned to suit conditions whilst generous guylines ensure structural integrity.


  • Type of tent: Extension
  • Flysheet: Outtex® 4000 Select (100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams
  • Poles: Steel poles 19 mm
  • Universal extensions feature toggle up sides to provide shelter options. One wall toggled up creates a close to nature experience while protecting from prevailing winds.
  • Roll up and toggle back two walls to create an open living space in the shade.
  • Zipper allows front sidesection to be rolled up
  • Connected with webbing
  • One guy rope per side to avoid a gap between the walls of the extension and the tent
  • Large tinted windows block sun glare, ensure privacy and allow campers to stay in touch with the outdoors
  • Steel pole frame for stability and ample headroom


Additional Details 

  • Universal Extension Size 1: 69 x 21 x 21 cm 8.5 kg Rock Lake 3ATC, Mayville 3SA, Cedarville 3A, Reddick 4A, Birdland 3P, Franklin 3, Dayton 4
  • Universal Extension Size 2: 73 x 21 x 21 cm 8.6 kg Middleton 8A, Nevada 4P, Franklin 5, Dayton 5, Chatham 4A, Reddick 5A, Cedarville 5A
  • Universal Extension Size 3: 73 x 22 x 22 cm 9.3 kg Mayville 5SA, Broadland 5A, Woodburg 6A, Birdland 5P, Willwood 5, Collingwood 5, Stone Lake 5ATC
  • Universal Extension Size 4: 73 x 23 x 23 cm 9.4 kg Rock Lake 5ATC, Belleville 5SA, Nevada 5P, Collingwood 6, Willwood 6
  • Universal Extension Size 5: 75 x 23 x 23 cm 9.9 kg Mayville 6SA, Montana 6P, Vermont 6P, Broadland 6A, Woodburg 7A, Chatham 6A

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