Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent

Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent
Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent
Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent
Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent
Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent


Quest Signature 5m Classic Bell Tent

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The Quest Elite Signature Range of Bell Tents.

A premium-quality cotton canvas frame tent with an extra thick PVC zip-in groundsheet makes this a fantastic family-friendly tent, or perfect for a couple who want that bit more space. Sleeping up to 8 adults in this 5m variant, this simple steel-framed tent can be put up by one person, making this one of the easiest tents to erect.  

Featuring the premium Quest Tec FullC 100% cotton material, this means no more worrying about “is my tent leaking or is it condensation?” as this is a fully breathable material. Not only is it breathable, the cotton material has much better insulation properties which will keep the tent cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder months giving you much more comfort than a polyester or poly-cotton tent and enabling you to camp all year round. Thats why it gets the any season seal of approval.

The fabric is naturally resistant to UV damage, meaning it will last longer than its polyester and polycotton rivals, but it also gives you protection against the suns rays. The fabric is also treated so it lasts longer still and you get the peace of mind of U.V. 50plus protection from the sun.

Even though the fabric is naturally breathable we have still installed ventilation panels in this bell tent. These feature the Quest No-Chill mesh which allows the air in , but stops the wind. These give you extra air flow if required, or they can all be zipped shut when you don''t want them. We also give you full ventilation doors. This means that you can roll back your doors, but keep the second internal layer zipped shut as they are full No-Chill mesh, again allowing more air flow, no wind and no insects.

The amazingly simple and strong premium, minimal pitch steel frame is extremely robust, rigid and easy to use, giving you peace of mind that this tent will be with you for years to come. Amazingly the classic bell only has two poles helping to ensure it is not only easy but quick to erect. It is so easy to put up, that it gets the single person pitch icon as we have tested it ourselves and it really is so easy, it only takes one person. The frame itself is a solid galvanised steel frame that it stronger, more rigid and will out last your standard family tent frames. This frame has legendary reliability, backed up with premium strength, it is built to last, and last it will.

The heavy-duty Fully Zipped PVC groundsheet can be removed when pitching and taking down making it easier to pitch, put away and helping to keep the main unit clean even when the ground is muddy. With the groundsheet unzipped, you can then roll up the sides and allow your Emperor to float in the air, allowing the breeze to come through on those hot days and give you that. This is called the 360 degree vista view. This not only gives you a floating roof, but a complete airing of the tent and amazing unobstructed views all around, somthing that no standard tent can do.

Everything about this bell tent is premium. Even the guy ropes , sliders and peg. Firstly the guy ropes are proper rope, not the thinner and weaker guy lines. Then you have large metal hand sliders which make it easier to tension your bell tent and will last for years, far longer than those smaller plastic ones. They are also coated in a smooth to the touch paint to make them more comfortable to use and helps show them off in all their glory. Then there are the pegs. These are no ordinary pegs, these are ground anchors. These give you amazing ground anchorage and they are so strong you will never need to replace them.

There is a specifically designed inner tent option (purchased separately) available for this bell tent. You do not need to use one as thanks to the premium fabrics and construction you do not need t have an inner tent, but if you wish for the added privacy, or a dedicated bedroom, rather than the open plan glamping the choice is yours.


Additional Details

Quest Tec Full Cotton 

100% Cotton, fully breathable, 100% Comfort

Quest Bell Tent Feature 
Quest Premium Pitch
Minimal Pitch Frame. Solid, quick and easy.

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest 2 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Any Season
Can be used in any Season

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Bell Tent UV Protection
Protection from the Sun

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Single Person Pitch
So easy, it only takes one to pitch

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest 360 Vista View
All around views

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Inner Tent Ready
Inner Tent Ready

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Fully Zipped Groundsheet
Fully Zipped Groundsheet

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Quality Mesh
Premium Quality Mesh

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Sustainable
Eco-friendly - Kind to the earth

Quest Bell Tent Feature
Quest Premium Guys
Heavy duty sliders - Stronger and lasts longer

  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Fabric: Quest Tec FullC
  • Floor: 540g Full PVC
  • Quest No-Chill : premium, max strength mesh
  • Berth: 1 - 8 : (1-3 out of inner tent, 1-5 inside inner tent)
  • Height: 300 cm
  • Diameter: 500 cm
  • Pack Size: 115 x 38 x 28 cm
  • Main canvas weight: 14.5kg
  • Groundsheet weight: 9.5kg
  • Frame weight: 7.5kg
  • Total weight: 34kg

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