Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing

Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing


Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing

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Water inlet housing to connect your Caravan or Motorhome to water supply from the campsite mains or external water tank. The Truma Ultraflow Filter Housing has an easy to change Carbon filter block and external shower outlet socket built in.

Commonly fitted new Caravans including Bailey, Coahcman, Lunar and Swift. The Ultraflow inlet is suitable for both pressure switched and micro-switched systems* and can be used with onboard pumps or external, submersible pumps with matching accessories.

*Shower outlet only works with pressure switch systems.

Ultraflow is the current Truma inlet model and replaces older Crystal II systems. Ultraflow Filter Housing can be used to upgrade or replace an older damaged water inlet, or for new installation on van conversion.

Ultraflow Filter Housing Features

  • Long filter life: Up to 35 days
  • No loose carbon particles in the water system
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Filter replacement date indicator
  • Ultraflow Filter Housing Contents
  • 1 x Ultraflow Filter Housing unit
  • 1 x Ultraflow Filter block
  • 1 x Shower outlet blanking cap
  • Fitting screws
  • Fitting instructions including cut out template

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