Vango Replacement Airspeed Tube

Vango Replacement Airspeed Tube


Vango Replacement Airspeed Tube

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In the unlikely event that you may need to replace your AirBeam® tube, simply remove the old tube from the beam sleeve and replace with the new tube. Once the beam sleeve is zipped and secured, replace into the tent/awning sleeve and inflate. The AirSpeed tubes are quick and easy to change, so that you can carry on with your camping holiday as soon as possible! Visit to see what tube you require for your tent/awning.

Fully deflate the AirBeam® tube to be replaced

Unzip the outer sleeve of the AirBeam® on the inside of the flysheet

Remove the AirBeam® from the internal zipped sleeve.

Cut the cable tie that holds the zips together (ties stop accidental opening)

Remove the inner tube from its protective outer

Place the new inner tube inside the protective outer. Align valve with the opening in the protective outer. Zip closed, taking care not to catch the inner tube. Reconnect the zips together with the cable tie provided, to prevent accidental opening when the AirBeam® is inflated

Re-inflate AirBeam® to the correct PSI

Re-insert the AirBeam® into the zipped sleeve on the tent flysheet

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