Vango Vista Cinema Screen

Vango Vista Cinema Screen
Vango Vista Cinema Screen
Vango Vista Cinema Screen


Vango Vista Cinema Screen

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Vista Cinema Screen

Transform your camping trip with the Vango Vista Cinema Screen! It's intuitive 2-in-1 design allows you to use it as a half or full screen, depending on the size of your tent. Its 130 degree viewing angle makes it easy to create a clear image from almost any angle. Plus, you can expand the seating area by positioning the projector behind the screen for a shared viewing experience with your friends and family.

Additional Details

  • 2-in-1 Design: Full Size and Half Size Screen - Maximum flexbility for use in every tent size. Large 120 x 160cm full size screen and compact 80 x 120cm half size screen
  • 4 Point Adjustable Webbing Anchors - Excellent tension on screen to iron out wrinkles and give maximum stability
  • Detachable Webbing Anchors - Easy to fold-up and move around
  • Flexible Polyester Screen - Crease-resistant, even after folding
  • Rear-Projection Ready - Position the projector behind the screen (i.e. in bedroom) for a larger seating area. Only applicable in full size
  • 0.9 Gain - Absorbs some ambient light whilst still reflecting the light from the projector. Gives a good image, even in daylight
  • 130 Degree Viewing Angle - Bright image from almost every seating position
  • Total Weight: 0.55kg
  • Packsize: L12.0 x H25.0 x W7.0cm

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