Windsock and Telescopic Pole Buyers Guide

Windsock and Telescopic Pole Buyers Guide

Extending your Pole:

After buying your telescopic pole, the first thing you need to do when erecting your camping pole is to remove the rubber bung that can be found in the top. Once you have done this, you then need to tilt the pole forward allowing each section to move forward. The next step is to get the smallest section of the pole with the metal ring on the top and pull this forward until the telescopic pole is fully extended and locked out. Finally all you need to do is go back to each joint in the pole and give them a little twist and pull to make sure they are fully locked into place.

Ground Spikes:

Ground Spikes are used to secure your festival telescopic pole into the ground. They come in two different sizes. Firstly is the standard ground spike, which is 1-meter long. This is ideal for 3, 4 and 5-meter telescopic camping poles. You can use more than one ground spike at once to improve the stability of the poles.

The second spike is the super ground spike. This is used on the larger festival telescopic poles, which are 6, 7, 8 and the daddy of 9 meters in height.

When putting the spike in the ground you want to hit them so they go in about 30cm deep. A camping mallet is often the best tool to use but anything will do, you can also push them into the ground if it is soft enough.

Once you have knocked the ground spike into the ground extend your telescopic pole and remove the screw cap on the bottom of the pole. Then place your camping telescopic pole over the top of the spike(s); this allows your pole to be free moving and stops your windsock from getting tangled up.

If you’re going to fix your telescopic pole to an immovable object, for example on your motorhome, ladder etc… make sure you do not tighten it to tight against the object as the poles are made from a hollow fiber and will crack under any increased amount of pressure. Ideally, use some padding to protect it against the rough surfaces it may face. Shock cords or large button bungees are better to use when fixing poles to immovable objects as they have more give and will spread across a wider diameter than a cable tie.

Flag Bungees:

When attaching a flag to your camping/festival pole you would need to use a flag bungee. These work by putting the loop of the bungee through the eyelet on your flag. Next take your flag and put the remaining loop on one side of the pole and place the ball onto the other side. Loop the loop over the ball until in place and repeat with the second bungee. It may sound confusing at first but with a bit of practice it will become a piece of cake.

flag bungees

Windsock and Pole Maintenance:

Windsocks and poles are generally made for summer use only, they are not designed to endure harsh weather/winds. If strong winds persist then telescopic poles should be collapsed and taken down otherwise damage and even breakages can occur.

If you are camping or at a festival, and you think the weather conditions are going to pick up over night, you would be better off taking the pole down, otherwise you could end up waking up to find your windsock has blown away.

To make sure the swivel on the windsock does not seize up, apply a small amount of light oil to prolong the life and stop the ball bearing from resisting movement and snapping.


Windsocks are a great way to mark your area on a campsite, at a festival, at the beach or just a fun accessory to have in your garden to brighten things up.

Having wind ornaments is a great way to revitalize your shop fore courts or café front; they will make your shop stand out from the crowd and from your competition therefore bringing in and attracting more customers.

Not only do windsocks provide a sense of fun to camping they are also great for spotting your tent/caravan in a busy campsite/field. They come in a variety of colours and designs so you have plenty of choice.


Types of windsocks and Flags:

Flag Windsocks
Animal Windsocks - Sheep windsocks, cow windsocks, pig windsocks, Dragon windsocks, bug windsocks
Fish Windsocks - giant fish windsocks, gold fish windsocks, rainbow fish windsocks,
Novelty Windsocks - Scare crow windsocks
Turbine Windsocks - Turbo spin windsock
Twister and Spiral Windsocks - Twister
Tails Tubes and Spinning Windsocks - rainbow lattice windsock
Country Flags
Novelty Flags

If left in direct sunlight or reflected sunlight over an extended period of time it could cause your windsock to fade in color.


Rain will not affect your windsock or flag unless acidic. If you live by the seaside or a dusty location, you may occasionally want to wash your windsock down to prolong its life. All you need to do is get a damp cloth and give the windsock/flag a gentle wipe down.

Weather Conditions:

Weather conditions can affect the life span of your wind ornament and telescopic poles. In extreme or high winds we advise you take them down to avoid disappointment of them breaking.

Windsock and Telescopic Pole Buyers Guide

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